AMP in WordPress: Google Tag Manager

This post is the first in a series of posts capturing knowledge gems gathered from the Official AMP plugin Support forums. The community asks interesting and important questions in the forum, and the engineering team at Google driving the development of the plugin, led by Weston Ruter, has provided equally cool answers worth spreading. Support … Continue reading AMP in WordPress: Google Tag Manager

AMP in WordPress, the WordPress Way

TL;Dr This post summarizes a recent talk Jeanny Haliman and myself gave at AMP Conf, 2019:  Enabling first-class AMP experiences on WordPress is one of the ways the AMP Project aims to bring a user-first experience to websites and content on the web. The Official AMP Plugin for WordPress (, Github) integrates AMP content creation … Continue reading AMP in WordPress, the WordPress Way

Progressive Content Management Systems

Tl;DR This post summarizes a recent talk Weston Ruter and myself gave at Chrome Dev Summit , 2018:  Content Management Systems (CMS) are software platforms designed to simplify the creation and management of websites and their content. Nowadays, about 50% of websites are powered by some sort of CMS platform. Below, we discuss our experience moving … Continue reading Progressive Content Management Systems

AMP in WordPress

If you only have one minute to read this post, here is the gist of it: WordPress users can get a first-class AMP experience without compromising the fidelity of their content or surrendering the flexibility of the WordPress platform. Get a glimpse of what is possible nowadays with AMP in WordPress by watching our AMP Conf 2018 talk!