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Web Content Ecosystems @ Google

I have written before about Google’s Progressive Web vision, the work being pursued by the Web Content Ecosystems team, and our commitment to contribute to the advancement of WordPress along the Progressive web road. Our team has spent a lot of time learning about WordPress internals and architecture over the last year, and we are growing to expand our efforts. I am super excited to announce something you may have already heard: Weston Ruter and Thierry Muller have joined the Web Content Ecosystems team at Google!

Weston and Thierry bring many years of combined hands-on experience across different areas of WordPress, including aspects such as managing core releases, extensive experience with core development, building popular frameworks and plugins, and both are strong advocates of the open web. WordPress has been steadily  advancing in long strides along the progressive web path and I’m definitely excited for what we’ll be able to contribute in the year(s) ahead, with Weston and Thierry on board. Having them as part of our team, will accelerate the pace of advancing WordPress in particular, and the Web content ecosystem in general, along the progressive web development road. Weston, Thierry, welcome onboard!