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WordPress @ Google: Part I


At Google we care deeply about the long-term success of the open web: we work on the core technologies and standards that power the web platform, we develop and maintain the Google Chrome browser, and we build tools and frameworks to help developers build amazing experiences on the web — just to name a few. As a result, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that we are also huge fans of WordPress, which enables publishers to easily create and deliver rich web content to users all around the world.

Taking a guess, I would say the above is not a big shock or surprise. However, did you know that Google is also actively engaged and looking for expert WordPress developers to support and accelerate success of the WordPress ecosystem? It’s true, and it could be you!

Google’s WordPress Vision

The web platform has been evolving rapidly in recent years and it continues to evolve as we speak; the bar for web experiences has been raised significantly. This is reflected by all the buzz around the term Progressive Web Apps, which essentially refers to websites (and web apps) built using the latest capabilities supported by the Web platform; things like Service Workers, Push Notifications, identity management, security, etc. Similarly, the evolution of the platform defined by the WordPress ecosystem has being evolving as well at an accelerated pace.

The goal of our team is to help bring these two worlds together and work with both the WordPress community and core developers, and the web platform developers to enable amazing user experiences on the web — powered by WordPress.

WordPress Experts Wanted

Our WordPress vision covers a lot of exciting work across the full breadth of the WordPress ecosystem: collaborating on WP core, developing themes, plugins, and WP-tailored tools and infrastructure, and engaging with the broader WordPress community of publishers.

Sounds interesting? Come join our amazing Google Developer Relations team. We’re looking for passionate WordPress experts, developers, and advocates that are willing to roll up their sleeves and help us with:

  • Contributing to Gutenberg development to enable rich user experiences on the web
  • Building of progressive themes to accelerate integration of modern web technologies
  • Expanding capabilities of the AMP Plugin to enable delightful user experiences
  • Contributing to the Tide project to empower WordPress developers and site owners to develop and find high quality themes and plugins
  • Develop tools and reports to track the health of WordPress performance
  • And much more…

Some examples tasks that are part of our daily job are…

  • Working with engineering teams at Google to develop relevant product integrations. This includes reviewing API designs, testing of new features, and guiding internal teams to success within the WordPress ecosystem.
  • Collaborating with external WordPress developers to deliver production code to WordPress core, plugins, and themes
  • Working closely with the WordPress community to drive awareness, and adoption of new technologies, as well as coding and performance best practices — e.g. attend and speak at WordCamp events, create written guides and videos, and so on.
  • Participating in technical and design discussions with both technical leads and executives at strategic partners to speed up adoption and ensure best practices during implementation.

Hopefully this description gives you a good idea of the scope and vision of the WordPress-related work we are pursuing in the Web Content Ecosystems Team at Google. Aren’t you super curious and excited? I am!

Join us!

Are you passionate about WordPress and its ecosystem? Do you have strong expertise developing with WordPress? Are you interested in getting involved in projects aimed at making WordPress better at all levels? If your answers to these questions are on the affirmative quadrant you may be interested in joining Google to work with us. Looking forward to hearing from you!